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Caring for flights beyond our geographical locations is an extension of our goal of providing secure and efficient services to our clients. With over 45 years in the aviation industry, ZAS has developed a comprehensive range of systems and procedures that provide the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective method of managing an aircraft.

The trust we have built with operators over the years has encouraged them to seek our assistance in ensuring that their operations in other locations receive the same efficiency. Applying for overfly and landing permits on their behalf ensures that they do not fall short on information about the various local regulations and requirements. Through our worldwide network of ground handlers, we can support our clients globally with the best prices for the most reliable aviation services, hotel accommodation and fuel coordination.
international flight overflying permits egypt zas
Issuing overflying permits ensures there is no political or security-related objection to an aircraft flying over a country's airspace.
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We provide comprehensive and customized ground handling services for passenger, cargo, and business flights worldwide.
airport passenger handling cairo egypt
We deliver a secure, seamless, and efficient passenger handling experience in airports all over the world.
jet fuel at airports in egypt by ZAS aviation
In coordination with global aviation fuel suppliers, ZAS provides the best offers and handling for your aircraft's fueling.
hotel accommodation near airports in Cairo Egypt
Locating rooms in big cities is not always an easy task. At ZAS, we ensure you get the best hotel accommodations with the best rates and amenities.
surface transportation at airports in egypt zas aviation services
We provide the finest modes of transportation, guaranteeing elegance, coziness, and security.

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